Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Doing Gender

By: Dominique Kidd

Doing gender is in our everyday life, we grew up learning on how to do gender. Gender is the behavior, and the culture typically that have to do with ones sex. Most people do gender without even realizing it; for example women do gender everyday by putting a bra on when getting dress, and men always do gender when they stand up to go to the bathroom. But we learn "doing gender" from the very beginning. When babies are born parents usually get everything blue for boys and everything pink for girls. 

This photo is an example of a little girl's toy. This photo give girls the idea that they are just here to wait on their husband's every need and want. And that education is not important because there is no need to have a education to be a stay at home mother and/or wife.

This photo is an example of a toddler boy's toy. It's a fix it bench which can lead boys thinking that they only have to work and fix things around the house and nothing more,when in a relationship.

Doing gender is very easy to do and very easy to break, we all undo gender everyday. For example a man when just getting off from work comes home and put his children in the tub and put them into bed is undoing gender. And a mother who just put together a new sound system and takes out the weekly trash undo gender. Gender is very important in our everyday life and without it who would we be?  


  1. I so agree with you in my house it's my mom my brother and me and when it's time to clean my brother cleans he washes cloth and he also does dishes from time to time even tho he's a boy he still does things that may be considered a girls job... Don't get me wrong he is still a boy dirty and messy and loves sports but we have to teach him that you can do it just like a female can do it

  2. I know right, because I know when I have a son trust and believe me he is going to be helping wiht cleaning and anything else thats need to be done in the house. Like, right now I have two daughter they are only 4 and 3 but I make them help me do work around the house like for example If Im cleaning around the house I will not be the only one cleaning, I will make them go and clean their room.